6 ways to brighten up your bedroom space

6 easy ways to brighten up your bedroom space

Your bedroom should be a place where you can truly relax and wind down at the end of each day. The space you sleep in is important because it can influence how well you sleep, and we all know that sleeping well is key to functioning well and feeling energised.

Many people want to make their bedroom stylish and comfortable but don’t know where to start. What’s more, many of us are put off by the thought of having to spend tonnes of time and money to make our bedroom a place of style and tranquility. Thankfully, there are lots of easy ways to transform your bedroom into a stylish, welcoming haven without breaking the bank or spending all your spare time on it. 

Our simple bedroom decorating ideas will help you achieve a look and feel that works for you, without needing to make huge changes and spend huge amounts of money. In fact, there are even things you can do to help transform your bedroom space for free!

Whether your bedroom is small or big, there are lots of benefits to having a space that feels and looks comfortable and stylish. From sleeping better to having a bedroom that functions well and includes what you need, a fresh bedroom space can do wonders for you and your overall wellbeing.

Simple bedroom decorating ideas 

Mirrors and wall art

Mirrors can really open up and lighten your space. Plus, find the right frame for your taste and they can also serve as a beautiful feature on your wall or door. Place your mirror to work for you practically, for example having a full-length mirror near wardrobes is often a good idea, and think about the best position for reflecting the natural light of your bedroom. 

While mirror shopping, you might also consider some new wall art or framing some favourite photos to make a display in your bedroom. It’s best not to over-clutter the walls or furniture, but art that makes you happy or photos that evoke fun and relaxed memories can make lovely finishing touches and bring joy to your sleeping space.

Lighten the walls

There are lots of ways to transform your bedroom without going near a paint tin or wallpaper paste. However, if you are planning to decorate anyway, it’s worth taking some time first to think about how much light your bedroom currently gets, and choosing a colour scheme with this in mind. Lighter walls tend to work really well in a bedroom because they don’t interfere with the lighting, and they also complement bolder furniture choices, for example, darker wood or grey. 

Lighter walls can also make a space feel bigger and the room less gloomy when there’s little or no sun streaming through the window.

Refresh your bedding

Giving your bedding an upgrade will instantly give your bedroom a style lift -- as well as a comfort one! Bedding is something we often forget about and therefore neglect, but treating yourself to some new sheets and a duvet set is an easy way to style your bedroom on a budget. New fresh bedding is a cheap way to achieve a bedroom makeover, and it may well even help you sleep more snugly too! 

Light up

Lighting in a bedroom is really important for creating a relaxing atmosphere in which to induce sleep, as well as meet your needs practically. Starting with your ceiling light, consider if you have a bulb that’s the right brightness, and even if you want to change your switch to a dimmer. Next, changing the shade for your main light is an easy and budget-friendly way to style up your bedroom, and this can also help brighten the room when you’re getting ready and want a clear view of your wardrobe or for getting ready, for example. 

You can then think about lamps, especially by your bedside, and additional lights such as fairy lights and candles, which can create a charming look for your bedroom for very little money. 

Clean windows

A very simple and completely cost-free way to brighten up your bedroom is to give your windows a really good clean. Dust and dirt on internal windows usually builds up very gradually so we don’t necessarily notice it. However, once you wash your windows and see how sparkling clean they could be, you’ll notice the difference it makes to the whole room. Your bedroom will be lighter, brighter and look instantly improved, for five minutes of effort and elbow grease!

Find furniture to suit your style

It’s common for people to move home and make do with their bedroom furniture for a while, particularly if part of it is fitted. This usually results in a mismatch of wardrobes, bedside tables, drawers and bed that make a stylish room impossible to achieve. 

If you’re ready to restyle your bedroom and your budget allows, you can achieve a seamless look with stylish furniture that’s actually bespoke to you. Here at Rapyal Stores, we offer customised beds and mattresses to customers in a range of colours and materials to match or complement existing furniture, or to simply suit your style. From velvet through to linen, we can customise your bed in a range of materials and colours at no additional cost to you. The best part? We also ship orders on average within 1-2 days, so you don’t have to wait to achieve your dream bedroom that is perfectly styled to your tastes.

For help and advice on finding the perfect mattress or bed to help you sleep soundly and in style, you can contact us online, call 01274850735 or visit our showroom.