Water resistant mattress for incontinence

Water resistant mattress for incontinence

Living with a health condition can affect many areas of your life, both in and outside of the home. If you or a family member is dealing with ill health, we understand how difficult it can be. We also know that for many people their health condition doesn’t rest when they do. A common example of this, for many adults as well as children, is suffering from bedwetting.

Protecting your mattress from urine

Not only is bedwetting a disturbance for many people during the night, it can also be embarrassing for them and inconvenient to deal with. As well as having to wash sheets daily, urine on a mattress can cause lasting odours, stains and rotting, ultimately rendering your mattress unfit for purpose.

We explain how you can protect your mattress from urine caused by incontinence and bedwetting.

Can I get a waterproof mattress?

You can purchase a water resistant mattress, but there isn’t a fully waterproof mattress, or mattress protector. However, a water resistant mattress can make a huge difference to your life either as an incontinent person or as a carer. 

Whilst a mattress protector can offer some help when it comes to managing incontinence at night, it cannot actually protect your mattress from urine. We would certainly recommend a mattress protector is used as well though, to help manage bedwetting as you’ll definitely find benefit in using one alongside a water resistant mattress.

How can I protect my mattress from incontinence?

Our Rapyal Sleep Water Resistant Mattress is extremely hard wearing as well as breathable. This ensures it’s comfortable, as well as being resistant to water when managing conditions that cause incontinence and bedwetting. Conforming to UK and EU regulations, the mattress has a 12.5g open coil spring unit and is of medium firmness. This means it suits a variety of sleepers, and because it’s non-vinyl it is more comfortable and natural-feeling than a typical water resistant mattress.

Double water resistant mattress for protection from urine, incontinence and bedwetting.  

The Rapyal Sleep Water Resistant Mattress is available in the following sizes, making it suitable for different ages, weights and circumstances: 

  • Small single (2ft 6”)
  • Single (3ft)
  • Small double (4ft)
  • Double (4ft 6”)
  • King Size (5 ft)
  • Super King (6 ft) 

Protecting your adult mattress from water

A water resistant mattress will be a huge help against nighttime incontinence and because it’s specially designed for comfort as well as protection, the Rapyal Sleep BS7117 will provide a supportive sleeping station as well as reducing the risk of mattress damage. 

What’s more, it’s hypo-allergenic to avoid any potential irritants, and is a popular mattress choice for nursing homes and hospices, as well as the home.

Mattress disability discount

At Rapyal Stores, we’re proud to offer a 10% discount on this mattress in any size with proof of disability. This aims to offer you some additional savings at what can be a difficult time. Simply contact uswith proof of MND Association membership or similar and we will apply the discount to your purchase. 

When you have some mattress protection from bedwetting with a water resistant solution, it can help you rest easier.  Having some peace of mind can help you both sleep a little better and make life slightly easier day-to-day.

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