CBD infused mattresses | Helping you feel calm & relaxed at bedtime

CBD infused mattresses | Helping you feel calm & relaxed at bedtime

If you’re experiencing an illness, it’s natural to want to explore different routes for treatment and overall wellbeing improvement. In today’s world we’re fortunate to have a range of traditional and alternative medicines and health support available to consider, one of which is CBD therapy.

Research carried out so far into the benefits of CBD, or Cannabidiol, suggests it can ease symptoms of multiple health problems. These include potentially reducing some symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and possibly offering some alternative natural pain relief for certain health ailments.    

CBD for insomnia

There has also been a study into CBD oil as a treatment for insomnia in children. And because CBD is natural, it is thought to have far fewer side effects than many traditional medicines do. Calmness and relaxation are needed to sleep well, and CBD oil is believed to help people experience exactly these two things.

Studies will continue to be carried out into the benefits of CBD oil, but what we know so far suggests it could be a positive, natural way to improve wellbeing and help lessen the symptoms of a range of conditions. 

So for people suffering with pain, insomnia or longer-term illness, CBD oil is an alternative option many are keen to explore. 

What does a CBD infused mattress do?

A key benefit of CBD oil is that it can be used in a number of different ways. One of the newest and, we believe, most exciting recent advances in CBD is in the mattress industry. At Rapyal Sleep, our mattress specialists have infused CBD into a high-quality micro quilted, hypoallergenic mattress to help relax you into a night of solid sweet sleep and rest. 

The combination of our high-quality mattresses and the careful infusion of CBD can potentially offer extra restorative benefits when sleeping and relaxing. CBD is understood to help calm anxiety and encourage relaxation, and what better point to enjoy these sensations than at bedtime? 

What benefits can a CBD mattress provide?

This hand tufted CBD infused mattress from Rapyal Sleep can help to calm and relax both your body and mind, encouraging you to wind down at the end of the day and sleep soundly.  

We’ve combined over 20 years of experience in beds and mattresses with the latest research into CBD to provide a natural solution to help you sleep better at night and feel better during the day.

Features of our CBD infused mattress

As well as being carefully infused with CBD, the mattress also includes the following favoured features:

  • 13.5g open coil bonnell spring unit
  • Thick layer of memory foam
  • Belgian Damask fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 9” depth
  • Hand tufted

Available in all sizes in the following measurements:

  • Single (3ft)
  • Large single (3ft 6”)
  • Small double (4ft)
  • Double (4ft 6”)
  • King Size (5 ft)
  • Super King (6 ft)

Custom made beds and CBD infused mattresses

Remember, our Bed Master Technicians can custom make any bed, bespoke to your needs and taste, at no extra cost. Just contact us to discuss your requirements, and we can help you find your dream luxury bed, and together with our CBD infused mattress, you can be on your way to sleeping both soundly and in style.
We’re available by telephone on 01274850735 or via our contact page -- simply leave a message with your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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