Buying bespoke | Luxury beds customised at no extra cost

Buying bespoke | Luxury beds customised at no extra cost

Your bedroom is your haven and a space you should enjoy spending time in. As the room you sleep in every night and get ready in every morning, a bedroom deserves to be beautiful and should meet your needs both in terms of style and comfort.

Making your bedroom your own is an important part of what makes it your ideal space, and a place you can retreat from the world each night and wake up refreshed the next morning. Opting for a bespoke bed means you can reflect your own unique style on your bedroom, choosing a design, colour and fabric that appeals to you and is different from the bland, standard bed you can buy anywhere. 

Buying a bespoke luxury bed

If you’re considering a bed that’s customised to you, the first thing is to think about the colours and materials you would like. The next step is to speak with a Bed Master Technician by phone, email or in person, who can discuss your mattress needs to ensure your bed is as comfortable as it is stylish. 

At Rapyal Stores, we offer bespoke beds at no additional charge to our standard bed purchase price -- because we want our customers to be completely happy with their chosen bed, in a fabric and colour that is right for their room.

As bed specialists with over 20 years’ experience, our quality beds are handmade and finished to order. We can even offer next day delivery in many cases, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your dream bed! 

How to order your custom made bed

You can order your custom made bed from anywhere in mainland UK and we’ll deliver it to your home, for free. 

Firstly, ensure you have measured your room and know whether your bespoke bed will be: 

  • Single (3ft)
  • Large single (3ft 6”)
  • Small double (4ft)
  • Double (4ft 6”)
  • King Size (5 ft)
  • Super King (6 ft)

You can then consult with one of our Bed Master Technicians, who will ask some questions to work out the best mattress that is bespoke to you and your needs. For example, the best mattress to opt for if you have back problems, or the best mattress to suit your or a partner’s weight. 

Bespoke bed colours

We offer a range of colours to match your room decor, which you can view here as well as reading through the list below:

  • Black bed
  • Light Grey bed
  • Grey bed
  • Charcoal Grey bed
  • Silver bed
  • White bed
  • Ivory bed
  • Bright Red bed
  • Royal Blue bed
  • Teal Blue bed
  • China Blue bed
  • Ice Blue bed
  • Parliament Blue bed
  • Sovereign (gold) bed
  • Platinum bed
  • Turmeric (yellow) bed
  • Beige bed
  • Arturo Brown bed
  • Chocolate Brown bed
  • Light Purple bed
  • Plum bed
  • Mink bed
  • Light Pink bed
  • Pink bed

 Choosing the material for your bespoke bed

With Rapyal Stores, you can opt for your bespoke bed to be finished with suede, velvet, plush, standard linen or crushed velvet. The choice is entirely yours to make!

How much do customised beds cost?

At Rapyal Stores, we don’t charge a premium for customising your bed and mattress and making it bespoke to your needs. It’s all part of our specialist and free service.

You’ll only pay the listing price on our website for your chosen bed, in your selected material and colour. The price may vary depending on your chosen mattress, but we will always go through full costs and have a range of quality mattresses to suit different budgets for you to choose from. 

Our goal is delivering a bed and mattress that will meet your needs for the long-term, help style your home and be a pleasure to both look at and lie on. It’s all part of our standard sweet dreams service!

To arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Bed Master Technicians, please contact us online, call 01274850735 or visit our showroom.