5 things you should do for your back

5 things you should do for your back

As anyone who has ever suffered with back pain or what is often termed a ‘bad back’ will tell you, it’s essential to do what you can to help your back both heal and strengthen. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t heal by itself and it’s important to see a doctor if you injure it, to ensure you get effective treatment for your back pain. Depending on the issue with your back, where the pain is located and what is causing it will all impact what action you should take.

How to help your back

Because your back and spine supports the rest of your body, keeping it in the best possible health should be a priority for adults of all ages. Whether you’re suffering with back pain or have in the past, or whether you’d just like to do all you can to keep your back in good shape, we share some simple tips to help.

5 ways to help your back every day

1 Strengthen and stretch

Strengthening your core -- the muscles in your back and stomach -- will provide your back and spine with support that can help keep it healthy for longer. Doing suitable exercises for your condition 2 or more times a week will help your back become stronger and more flexible. This could help recovery if you were to injure your back and can help reduce the risk of back strains and spasms.

Simple exercises that help stretch your back are also really valuable, many of which are commonplace in Yoga or Pilates. Stretching regularly helps reduce the risk of your back seizing up and feeling stiff and sore.

2 Get the right vitamins in your diet

Many people don’t know that their diet can have such a big impact on their back. As well as an increased risk of back problems if you are an unhealthy weight, the food you eat also impacts your bones -- for better or worse. 

By ensuring your body gets enough Calcium and Vitamin D, you’ll be helping to keep your bones -- including your spine -- strong. Calcium can be found in milk, leafy greens such as spinach and cabbage and yoghurt. Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks, fatty fish and cheese. This is one of the easiest things you can do for back pain, that isn’t expensive and doesn’t require a massive commitment. It has the added benefit of helping energise you as well!

3 Don’t slump

Working on your posture is something you can do easily, it’s just a matter of getting in the habit. Many of us slump at the desk or dinner table without realising we are, so try to be mindful of your position and keep your back straight so your spine isn’t being squished. You can invest in an ergonomic chair, which will encourage better posture while sitting down. 

You can also watch your posture when you’re standing, trying to avoid slouching or standing to one side as this puts additional pressure on your spine. 

4 Lift with care

Back injuries are regularly caused when people lift too much or lift incorrectly. It’s easily done but by improving your lifting technique you can help safeguard your back from damage. Whether you’re lifting for work or lifting luggage into your car boot, it’s important to do it properly. Bend your knees rather than your back and try to carry weights evenly on both sides of your body. You can also consider options to reduce lifting, like a trolley for carrying items. If your back is already damaged or you’re experiencing pain, ensure you ask someone else to do the heavy lifting.

5 Sleep on the right mattress

Your mattress is where your back takes refuge every night, and it’s important to sleep on one that properly supports your spine. A good quality mattressthat is right for your particular needs (including age, weight and any back, neck or hip problems), will help relieve back pressure that has built up over the day and support the natural alignment of your spine.

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