Dimplex Torridon Optiflame 3D Electric Inset Fire

Code: B611

For the first time, a 2D effect is given 3D depth, Optiflame 3D creates the illusion of seeing through the flames to the back of the fire. An undoubtedly stylish electric fire finished in chrome effect, further enhanced by its charming cast iron fret.

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Key Features
Remote Control


The Dimplex Torridon Chrome Optiflame 3D Electric Inset Fire features the most unbelievable flame effect yet. It is a stylish electric fire with the great range of Optiflame 3D effects. For any 16-18" fireplace opening, the Dimplex Torridon makes for a modern and contemporary centre piece.The Optiflame 3D effect is given with a choice of coals, logs, crystals and pebbles for a truly unique look. This contemporary, chrome fire comes with a remote control which allows you to adjust the flame intensity, choosing from low, middle, high and pulsating. In the cold, winter season, this 2kW heater will be great to help boost your heating.

  • Optiflame 3D Effect
  • 2kW heater
  • Cast iron fret
  • Made to fit 16 & 18" fireplace inserts
  • Low energy LED lighting
  • Run back timer
  • Remote control supplied
  • Coals, Crystals, Logs Supplied
  • Fan option - low, high, cool blow
  • Inset depth of 90mm, or just 65mm using spacer supplied
Fires Dimensions Diagram
Dimensions - Please refer to the sizes as shown within the product specification.


Fire Type
Trim Finish
Key Features
Inset, Low cost, high efficiency LED lighting, 2kW heat output, Built in Thermostat control, Optiflame® effect,
Fire Control Type
Remote Control

Design & Manufacture

Designed In
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Manufactured In
United Kingdom
United Kingdom


Heating options
2kW Heat Output
3 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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