Divan beds | What to look for when choosing your divan

Divan beds | What to look for when choosing your divan

Divan beds are a popular choice for a new bed, as they offer easy-to-access storage within the frame, as well as a wide selection of finishes to suit your style.

What is a divan bed?

A divan bed is a bed frame available in all sizes with drawers in its base. These can be easily accessed and used to store your choice of bedroom essentials, from sheets and sleeping bags through to shoes! Beds with storage are always useful, as it’s inevitable you’ll have items that don’t quite fit into your existing cupboards and wardrobes, so buying a divan can help you keep on top of clutter. 

How to choose a divan base

Divan beds come with a mix of drawers depending on their design and size. Some divan beds have drawers on both sides, others just on one. It’s worth working out the configuration of your room in relation to where your bed will go, as if it’s against a wall on one side there is little point in buying a divan bed frame with drawers on both sides. Instead, you could choose one with large drawers utilising the width of the bed, that are just accessed from one side. This will allow you to maximise your storage and prevent the inconvenience of having to move your bed every time you want to open the drawers on the wall side! 

Divan bed options

Our 20 years of bed and mattress experience has taught us that different people want different things from their new bed purchase. We believe that your bed should work for your lifestyle, rather than buying a bed and having to adapt your lifestyle around that -- for example not having enough storage or not being able to easily access the drawers your bed comes with. The option to customise your storage means you can find the best divan bed for your home and needs.

It’s why we invite our customers to choose their preferred storage option with their divan bed. This might be 4 smaller drawers over both sides, 2 drawers on one side or 1 drawer on each side.  We also offer slider drawers, which are especially useful for smaller spaces, and these can be arranged at the side of the bed or at the end. 

As you can see with the Rapyal Sleep Amore Dormire Divan Bed complete with our handmade pocket sprung mattress, you can choose from a range of storage options including 2 drawers on the same side, 1 on each side, 2 on each side and slider doors.  

Luxury divan bed finishes

Material and design options for divan beds from Rapyal include:

  • Wool divan
  • Linen divan
  • Crushed velvet divan

Many of our luxury divan bed frames come with one of our quality mattresses. Alternatively, you can choose to add a mattress to your purchase, and speak to one of our Bed Master Technicians for free advice on the best mattress to suit your needs. We offer a large selection of quality mattresses including memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid -- all designed for comfort, safety and lasting quality. 

Most of our divan beds are available in the full range of sizes, which measure:

  • Single (3ft)
  • Large single (3ft 6”)
  • Small double (4ft)
  • Double (4ft 6”)
  • King Size (5 ft)
  • Super King (6 ft)

Browse our diverse range of divan bed bases, which can come with or without one of our quality mattresses. If you’d like help with your purchase at any point, including mattress advice or to customise your bed in a choice of finishes, get in touch with one of our Bed Master Technicians who will be happy to help.

You can call us on 01274850735, contact us online or visit us in our West Yorkshire showroom.

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