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The Be Modern Design Fascia Inset Gas Fire is a cutting edge inset gas fire, with a modern yet subtle curved fret and a highly customisable range of finishes and heat outputs available!

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The Be Modern Design Fascia Inset Gas Fire should be the first choice for any homeowner looking for the perfect focal point to a modern interior thanks to its cutting edge style and customisable performance.

Each units inset design features a broad design features a minimalist influenced curved fret along with a harmony trim that is available in a choice of 4 finishes, Brass, black, chrome and brushed steel.

The Design Fascia range comes with a 3.1kW slimline gas fire, with manual control and a reasonable efficiency of 50%. However we also stock a wide range of optional fire configurations including robust 4.5kW units, balanced flue, deepline and convector to suit your budget and home heating needs.

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Dimensions - Please refer to the sizes as shown within the product specification.


Fire Type
Key Features
Inset, Natural gas output, Extensive range of trims including brass, chrome, black and brushed steel, Cutting edge Design Fascia with subtle curved detailing, Pre fitted 3.1kW Slimline gas fire as standard, Wide range of additional gas fire configurations, with outputs ranging from 3.1kW to 4.5kW, Coal fuel bed,
Brushed Steel,
Fire Control Type
Manual or Smartslide
Fire Effect

Design & Manufacture

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom


Heating options
3.1Kw Slimline, Manual Control, 50% Efficiency , 3.6kW Slimline, Xrta Canopy, Manual Control 58% Efficiency, 3.6kW Slimline, Xrta Canopy, Smartslide Control 58% Efficiency, 3.2kW Deepline Radiant, Manual Control, 51% Efficiency, 3.2kW Deepline Radiant, Smartslide Control, 51% Efficiency, 3.3kW Deepline Radiant, Xtra Canopy, Manual Control, 52% Efficiency, 3.8kW Deepline Convector, Manual Control, 62% Efficiency, 3.8kW Deepline Convector, Smartslide Control, 62% Efficiency, 4.5kW High Efficiency Glass Fronted, Manual Control, 87% Efficiency, 3.2kW Balanced Flue, Manual Control, 82% Efficiency, 3.2kW Balanced Flue, Smartslide Control, 82% Efficiency, 3.1kW Slimline, Slimline Control, 50% Efficiency, 3.4kW HE Glass Fronted, Manual Control, 3.3kW Deepline Radiant, Xtra Canopy, Smartslide Control, 52% Efficiency,
2 Year Manufacturers Warranty